New Stocks of RG complete now available

RGcomplete is a super-concentrated microalgal-based premium quality feed and enrichment for rotifers and other filter-feeding invertebrates. It has been sized especially for Breeders, Aquarists, and Propagators and includes both a pH buffer and ClorAm-X® (ammonia neutralizer). It has a long refrigerated shelf life of at least 6 months. Available here: RGcomplete


Americamysis bahia mysis

Our cultures of  have exploded in numbers! We have these in with our H. zosterae system as an additional live food for the Dwarf seahorses:


This is a complete 12 litre culture system for continuous production of live feeds (rotifers & copepods) used in fish culturing. Comes complete with: • Air pump • Air check valve • 4 gang air control valve • Silicone air line tubing • 4x rigid air lines • 4x 3 litre culture vessels

Sanolife MIC-F

The New formula of Sanolife MIC-F will be available Monday 3rd March.

                        This is 100% more concentrated than the previous formulation! Sanolife MIC-F Probiotic Water Conditioner. Highly performing microbial mixture for fish larviculture. Sanolife MIC-F colonizes the culture water and digestive tract of fish larvae with favorable bacteria that will compete with pathogenic and opportunisticContinue Reading »


Hippocampus erectus

I have attached a video from yesterday of two of our Hippocampus erectus breeding systems…