Care Notes

Care information for successful keeping and breeding seahorses

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Seahorse Tank Mates

Although we suggest Seahorse are kept in ‘species only’ tanks or systems, this is not to everyone’s choice and we are asked regularly about tank mates for seahorses. Seahorses however are not Reef fish. We have compiled a brief list of only those Fish species, Invertebrates and Algae that are appropriate for Seahorse tanks andContinue Reading »


Care and Dietary Instructions for Hippocampus Zosterae (Dwarf Seahorse – English common name)

These Seahorses are captive-bred in glass tanks by seahorse.breeder. Temperature Range :  21-25°c PH: At or close to 8.2 Salinity: The salinity should be kept stable at 1.022 Daylight Hours: 11-14 per day. This is a challenging species for experienced aquarists only, as they require constant enriched live food. Please contact us to discuss theirContinue Reading »


Care and Dietary Instructions for Hippocampus Erectus (Lined Seahorse)

These seahorses are Captive-bred in glass tanks by seahorsebreeder. Hippocampus erectus grow to be one of the larger seahorse species reaching 20cm length as mature adults. They are a good first seahorse to keep, vigorous and with character. They breed readily in captivity with broods up to 400 fry. Colours can be brown, black, red/brownContinue Reading »