List of products by D. van Houten Import - Export B.V.

D. van Houten Import - Export B.V. is active since September 2002 in the world of (reef)aquariums. Everything began in the garage with importing and the distribution of Seachem products in The Netherlands and Belgium and later that year, (as first one in Europe) the Refractometer. Since December 2006, we´re located at the newest industrial area of Groningen called Eemspoort. Over time we managed to add more top brands like Omega One Fish Food, Algae Free, Joes Juice and Salifert. 

In 2010 we started producing our own products such as the NP Reducing BioPellets, ReefPearls, etc. and still keep developing new products together with a dedicated team of reefkeepers and scientists. We export our products in over 65 countries. We also offer other services like shipping and consolidating products at our warehouse in Groningen.