Alkalinity is a concentrated liquid carbonate buffer for marine aquaria 250ml


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Alkalinity (carbonate hardness) is critical to aquarium and coral health. Adequate carbonate levels are essential if corals are to thrive and grow, while aquariums with insufficient alkalinity reserves can also suffer from excessive swings in pH. TheReef® Alkalinity is a concentrated solution of carbonate ions that can be readily utilised by corals and other marine organisms.  
First measure alkalinity levels in your aquarium with an accurate test kit to determine how much of TheReef® Alkalinity supplement you should add.  We recommend maintaining alkalinity levels between 7.8-9.0 dKH.  15ml (1 capful) of supplement per 100 litres of aquarium water should raise calcium levels by around 1dKH.    

Shake bottle before use then slowly add required quantity of supplement to an area of aquarium or sump with high flow.
  Do not raise levels by more than 2dKH a day.  Do not mix with or use within 1 hour of other supplements.

Store above 10
Nowhere else on the planet will you find such a diverse array of shapes and colours as you will on a coral reef or in our tropical rivers and lakes. Recreating that beauty so we can view it in the comfort of our own homes is both a technical and a financial challenge. The goal of TheReef® is to help the aquarist realise that dream, by offering the highest quality products at great prices.Established in 2007, TheReef® has specialised in developing and manufacturing affordable additives, foods. medias and supplements for freshwater and marine aquarists that offer excellent value for money without compromising on quality. TheReef® supplies a growing number of public aquaria and research institutes and has an expanding trade customer base.