Mini Filter / Reactor 70-X For Bio Pellets, Carbon, Zeolite and Porous Filter Media

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These reactors / filters are very versatile and can accommodate a number of media types. Designed to work in a sump. The 70-X reactors are compact units have a very compact footprint of 8.5cm x 10cm.

  • Mini Filter 70-X can be used as a reactor / filter for a number of media's such as zeolite, biopellets, activated carbon or porous filter media.
  • Suitable for use in a sump for systems up to 500 litres.
  • Can hold max 800ml of media. 
  • All in one design, with a flow rate of up to 400 lph (Pump is supplied with a UK plug).

Specification New revised Pump
  • Power 220V-240V 50Hz 6W Power
  • Flow rate up to 500 lph
  • Made of acrylic and plastic.
  • Size 42cm x 8.5cm x 10cm