Inline Fluidised Bed Filter Aquarium Filtration Phosphate Purigen Carbon Reactor

inline media filter

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This filter comes ready to take media such as carbon, purigen, phosphate remover or a combination of filter media. These units can be installed as either part of the return flow from an external biological filter and should be installed vertically, which makes the system water pass through the media thus increasing the contact time the system water has with the filter media. They come complete with 12mm hose tails suitable for 12mm inside diameter tube. 
These units have a maximum media capacity of 250ml, if you use Seachem SeaGel this will be capable of providing filtration for systems up to 225 litres and will require replenishing every 3-4 months. Or using Rowa phos saltwater systems up to 1000 litres or freshwater systems up to 2000 litres at 3mg/l phosphate, replace media once the phosphate levels start to increase.
These units measure approximately 6cms wide x 6cms deep x 33cms long including.

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