Easy Booster 25 Marine Phytoplankton Reef Aquarium Algal Feed 250ml


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Easy Booster Marine Phytoplankton reef feed

Liquid phytoplankton that is ready to use, easy and clean.

Easybooster composition:
Isochrysis T-ISO (33%) / Nannochloropsis (31%) / Tetraselmis (18%) / Phaeodactylum (18%)
The special characteristics of each one of the microalgae in this formula provide an optimum nutritional profile for aquarium animals.

Initial Dose:

For each 100 litres of aquarium water add 0.2ml of easy booster per day. 
Increase the dose by 25% weekly until the recommended daily dose is reached.

Recommended daily dose:
Add daily 0.8ml of easy booster per 100 litres of aquarium water.

Instructions for use:
Pour the entire contents of the bag into the area around the pump to ensure product is dispersed. It is not necessary to turn off the skimmer.

Once opened, the product can be used within 48 hours.