Pentair Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Replacement Filter

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Pentair GAC cartridges are made of Granular Activated Carbon with longitudinal flow direction ideal for applications requiring long contact time for high chlorine and organic reductions.

Granular activated carbon or GAC, is heated in the absence of oxygen (to 540°C) to bake off impurities then treated with superheated steam to 870°C to activate it. This process creates a network of cracks and pores that greatly increases its surface area, resulting in a carbon filter cartridge that can adsorb large quantities of various organic molecules.

The primary functions of an activated carbon filter are the removal of chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorinated hydrocarbons and organic impurities whilst acting as a mechanical filter for particulate reduction due to the cartridge construction.

Standard applications, although carbon filtration is used for many bespoke purposes, are numerous and as the adsorption capabilities and capacities are explored further, the employment of activated carbon is increasing. The latest technology has led to the carbon block cartridges using natural coconut shell being considered the best all-round performing filter.

We also supply a range of high quality Carbon Block filtration products.

This filter is suitable for use in a standard 10" housing.


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