Aquarium CO2 scrubber protein skimmer reactor medical grade colour change media

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Aquarium Co2 Scrubber Kit With Color Changing Medical Grade CO2 Absorbent

Warning: This is a Gas exchange reactor no water is to pass through this reactor only air.

The latest uniquely designed medical grade colour change soda lime.
The chemical formulation has been developed specifically to address the potential problems of use within the medical environment.

Features and Benefits:
  • Only 1.5 % Sodium Hydroxide.
  • Zeolite to reduce the risk of drying out.
  • 3-4mm spheres processed to minimise potential dusting.
  • Medical Grade Colour changing media from White - Violet.

This media a long history of use within anaesthesia and meets all the requirements of the United States and British Pharmacopoeias.

The chemical formulation has been developed to provide complete protection against the potential problems of use within the medical environment, while maintaining the highest possible CO2 capacity.

This type of reactor has been developed to increase the oxygen saturation within a Protein skimmer in a marine aquarium. in addition this will push up the PH within the systems water and make it easier to maintain a high O2 saturation and a stable PH, without effecting both alkalinity and calcium levels. The life of the media is dependant on a number of factors but mostly this will focus on the volume of CO2 within the environment around the aquarium, which is primerily impacted by the number of pepole within this environment producing CO2 through respiration.
What's in the Kit:
• 1x 10" clear housing
• 1x 500ml clear media cartridge
• 500ml colour change CO2 aborbing media
• 1x 90° 8mm hose tail elbow
• 1x single mounting bracket and 4x screws
• 1x housing wrench
• Fill the internal media cartridge with CO2 Media Absorb
• Connect the reactor to the air intake of your protein skimmer.
• Replace media when it turns from White to Violet.
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