API Carbonate Hardness Test Kit


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API lends their years of testing expertise to provide a new, advanced Aquarium Test strip range. Unique features of this range include Highly precise colour charts for accurate results, dip straight into the aquarium and easy to read directions.
All dipstrips provide easy, convenient testing for both freshwater and saltwater.

Why Test for KH (Carbonate Hardness) & GH (General Hardness)?
Tap water rarely provides the water conditions necessary to maintain an optimal aquarium. Some tap water supplies have very low KH (below 3 odKH) which has very little pH buffering capacity. This can contribute to wide pH swings in the aquarium. Also, when water evaporates, it leaves behind hardness ions. Topping off with tap water simply adds more minerals to the aquarium, resulting in a steady increase in GH. It is therefore necessary to test the GH and KH frequently to monitor water quality and prevent stressful conditions from occurring. 

Instructions available HERE
For over 40 years, API has been a leader in the Aquatics industry developing and perfecting products and solutions for indoor aquariums. API’s family of products includes treatments, testing, nutrition, and equipment and pond products.The research and development scientists at API have pioneered scientific studies on aquarium treatments that have led to significant advances in the care of ornamental fish. This work has garnered over 25 global patents for breakthrough innovations in the aquatic industry.We continue to look for ways to improve the fisheeping experience for everyone. API recently developed the Easy Care Guide for a simple way to care for your aquarium. Easy to follow symbols help correlate in store products with at home care. These steps will show you how to simplify aquarium care so you can spend more time enjoying the beauty of your aquarium.