The New formula of Sanolife MIC-F will be available Monday 3rd March.

Sanolife MIC-F













This is 100% more concentrated than the previous formulation!

Sanolife MIC-F Probiotic Water Conditioner.
Highly performing microbial mixture for fish larviculture.

Sanolife MIC-F colonizes the culture water and digestive tract of fish larvae with favorable bacteria that will compete with pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria

Prepare larval rearing tanks one day before stocking using MIC-F at a rate of 2.5g per 1000 litres per day.

• Improves digestion within the gut of the fish larvae
• Improves the culture water quality by breaking down waste products
• Conditions the fish larvae to have a higher growth rate and survival
• Produces stronger and faster growing fish fry