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    Seahorses, Pipefishes and Their Relatives revised edition Hard Cover: A Comprehensive Guide to Syngnathiformes gives detailed information on over 350 different species and includes Seahorses, Pipefishes, Seadragons, Shrimpfishes, Trumpetfishes and Seamoths as well as a list of all known species of the World. With more than 1000 spectacular photographs.
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    CONDITIONING AND SPAWNING BOOKNot your typical aquarist hobby book that is full of pictures but, contains very little information. This book is a full fledged professional presentation yet written so all can understand. Author, Frank Hoff, is considered a aquaculture pioneer with over 35 years experience in aquaculture. Emphasis is on closed system...
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    HOW TO RAISE AND TRAIN YOUR PEPPERMINT SHRIMPThis is a hobbyist’s guide to raising saltwater aquarium shrimp from egg to adult. An entertaining, easy to read guide that’s packed with all the information you need to successfully raise the saltwater Peppermint Shrimp (Lysmata wurdemanni ).
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