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UK Breeder of Seahorses (Hippocampus) We are specialists in Seahorse Breeding, supplying our beautiful UK captive-bred Seahorses and associated range of Mariculture products to hobby breeders and the Trade. .
UK Breeder of Seahorses (Hippocampus)
We are specialists in Seahorse Breeding, supplying our beautiful UK captive-bred Seahorses and associated range of Mariculture products to hobby breeders and the Trade. Our extensive experience gained in Seahorse keeping directly benefits the care of our own seahorses and consequently those of our clients, to whom advise on care is always given.
We sell our captive-bred Seahorses on-line to Hobby Breeders and Trade customers throughout the UK and Europe. All our seahorses are captive-bred by seahorsebreeder in the UK in glass tanks. They are not imported from other breeders for re-sale in the UK.

Our on-line shop houses a comprehensive and extensive range of Mariculture products that support and enhance the feeding and breeding of marine fish species, their larvae and fry. The food products offered have been carefully chosen to provide the best nutrition over a wide range of species, and environments. Whilst our equipment range serves to enable access by hobby breeders, to really useful yet simple process-related product range Our ability to choose and access product is based on many years experience of product use as Seahorse Marine and Freshwater Fish keepers and breeders.
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    REPLACEMENT FILTER FOR 10" WATER FILTERS These Wound sediment & particle filters are capable of removing suspended particles from the aquarium water, with three sizes available: 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 micron options. When purchasing please select the size you require.
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  • £ 7.95
    Aquarium Filter MediaProduct DescriptionThis specifically graded natural filter media will provide a huge surface area for biological filters to develop. Each litre of media provides a surface area greater than 600m2 and is ideal for use in all water types. It has a structure which is suitable for both aerobic and anaerobic filtration.
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  • £ 2.49
    Aquarium Fish Tank Suction Cup Divider Sheet HolderThese are suction cup based aquarium divider holders. You can easily divide your tank into several compartments with these divider holders. Use these divider holders for separations of different fish, for breeding and to prevent fish from fighting. Handy clips to divide a bigger fish tank into several...
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  • £ 2.10
    Pre-Filter Foam Sponge for Fluvial and other canister filters Aquarium Fish Tank
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  • £ 1.40
    2x sterile collection swabs. The swabs have a wooden handle and cotton head. They are sterilised with ethylene oxide. Useful for releasing algae from sterile petri dishes. The algal layer can be gently rubbed off with the sterile swab prier to inoculating a new culture. Each sterile swab is tough and durable and is approximately 15cm (5.8") in length.
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  • £ 2.48
    This is a very useful inline filter for removal of fine sediment particles. These filters can be use on slow flow filtration such as nitrate reactors and slow flow bed filtration.
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  • £ 3.63
    Clear 5mm rigid airline suitable for normal silicone airline tubing, which will fit directly over the tube for use in fish aquarium. Excellent for rotifer and algae cultures Specifications:O/D 5mm I/D 3mm Wall 1mm x 2 tubes 
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  • £ 29.95
    This in-line filter comes complete with a sediment filter cartridge of your choice and comes complete with 12mm hose tails and is ready to add to a aquarium feed from either a canaster filter or a sump.
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  • £ 7.45
    Feature  3 Way Standalone Air Line Built in Check Valve Function Built in in-line filter to remove particulates Rack Mount on Tank  4MM Air Line Tubing Ajustable and accurate air control
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  • £ 1.00
    Non-Return One Way Check Valve for Co2 and Aquarium Air Pumps
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  • £ 8.95
    Weipro CP-901 Portable Battery Powered Air Pump These are very useful bits of kit to have available. We use these for transporting fish and also as standby airpumps in the event of power cuts.PRODUCT:• 500mm Airline• 1x Airstone• Weipro aquarium airpump• Batteries not included (Requires 2x AA batteries)
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    These fittings are sold as single items.Straight connector with 1/2 BSP thread and a hose tail suitable for a tube with an internal diameter of 16mm.
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