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    REPLACEMENT FILTER FOR 10" WATER FILTERS These Wound sediment & particle filters are capable of removing suspended particles from the aquarium water, with three sizes available: 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 micron options. When purchasing please select the size you require.
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    The SPECTRUM 870 Carbon Wrap The media used in the SCW is a unique combination of powder activated carbon impregnated into a cellulose fibre which is formed into a sheet and wrapped around a polypropylene core.   This filter is suitable for use in a standard 10" housing.
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    AXEON Pure Water Membranes AXEON, a leader in the manufacture of pure water membranes, use their expertise to deliver a range with extraordinarily high rejection rates (99%) to safe-guard applications requiring exacting levels of purified water. Ultra-low pressure membranes that can operate with pressure levels as low as 5.5 bar. 
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    Widely used Gas Connection sealing tape50% OverlapFor BS 21 Threads Up-to 2"Usable in most threads (Metal / Plastic)Usable in all compression connectionsSupplied in protective reel coverStandard 13mm Wide Tape5 Meters long rollSatisfies BG C IM/16, BS6974: 1989& BS5292 Type C Tests
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    Pentair CFB-PB Heavy Metal RemovalCapable of effectively reducing lead, mercury and cyst contaminants as well as an effective chlorine, taste, odour and premium grade sediment filter. This filter is suitable for use in a standard 10" housing.
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    The SPECTRUM 870 Premier Carbon Chloramine Block is designed to provide the highest level of Chloramine reduction, using a high performance carbon formulation not found in other traditional carbon filters. This filter is suitable for use in a standard 10" housing.
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    This is a bracket designed to take a double filter housing unit.
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    Clear refillable resin filter cartridge. Ideal for use with RowaPhos, Rowa Carbon and Purigen. This unit is placed inside a 10" RO pod and contains the filter media.  The RO pods can be purchased from HERE
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    10" Filter Housing wrench. Suitable for tightening our 10" filter housings.
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    This is a single filter housing with white top and clear base.
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