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    Product DescriptionSmall inline filters, for reducing air contamination in microalgae subcultures. Disposable filters  which are 1″ (25mm) diameter and have 0.20 µm (micron) acetate membrane. Maximun operating pressure is 7.03 Kg/sq cm (100psi).
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    Product Description Strongly suggest that inline air filters are used between the air source and your  microalgae cultures. Place sterile cotton in tube to stop contaminants. Fits 3/16″, 1/4″ or 3/8″ tubing. Adapters for 3/16″ tubing included and mounting clamp / clip.
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    The plankton light reactor is a simple system for producing plankton in a natural food chain. Within the plankton light reactor, micro-algae are produced with light, fertiliser and CO2. The micro-algae can be fed directly to many filter-feeding invertebrates, and especially to zooplankton.
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