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The company AQUAEL was established in the 80’s of XXth century. It was the time when aquaristics was very popular in Poland and there was a constant lack of aquarium accessories on the market.
The company AQUAEL was established in the 80’s of XXth century. It was the time when aquaristics was very popular in Poland and there was a constant lack of aquarium accessories on the market. In such conditions, in the autumn of 1983 Mr. Janusz Jankiewicz – a fresh graduate of The Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology – registered a private enterprise and assembled first 30 air pumps of own design on a kitchen table in a rented flat in Warsaw’s district of Praga. He packed them in a bag and walked to the nearest pet stores hoping to sell at least some of them. In the first store he managed to sell… all of them and the store owner was delighted with the unlooked-for delivery. Mr. Jankiewicz made his way back home as fast as he could in order to produce more pumps. Soon he moved from the small flat to a workshop and hired first workers. It wasn’t long before the company counted 30 employees, its machine park was gradually enlarged and new technologies were introduced. Soon new products appeared next to the air pumps: filters, heaters, aquarium sets… Today – after 25 years since its creation - AQUAEL is one of the biggest companies of its kind, employs over 550 workers, has at its disposal over 20 000 m2 of production facilities equipped with modern machines and offers over 1200 products to its clients.


From the beginning of its existence until now Mrs. and Mr. Bogumiła and Janusz Jankiewicz remain the sole owners of AQUAEL. Together they act as the Management of the company personally taking all of the key decisions regarding the company development. Mr. Jankiewicz takes care of construction department functioning and performs general supervision over functioning all of company departments. Mrs. Jankiewicz with great commitment takes care of marketing and commercial departments. In private for over 25 years they have been a happy marriage (the 25th anniversary of their wedding nearly overlapped with 25 years of AQUAEL existence) and they have 10 children with the oldest ones taking active part in company activity. In the beginning AQUAEL’s headquarters were located in Warsaw (until now a branch of AQUAEL manufacturing foods and aquaristic treatments is located there). The operations in modern production facilities in Suwałki allowed for multiplication of production. The first part of that plant was created in 1998, then in 2000, 2002 and 2005 it was gradually developed to its current size (11 500 sq. m).

Nowadays AQUAEL manufactures almost everything (total of over 1200 products) that is required for setting up and maintenance of freshwater aquarium as well as a garden pond. The company’s offer also covers many products directed at marine aquaristics and terrarium hobbyists. That part of offer is systematically developed. Aquaristics has the leading role. The most important groups of products contain aquarium filters, heaters, lighting covers, complete aquarium sets and – of course – the famous air pumps. Currently special emphasis is placed on development of modern, energy saving line of lighting – ECOLIGHT. SHRIMPSET sets for shrimps that create new trends in aquaristics, introduced to the market in the beginning of 2010, are another bestseller. One of the directions that AQUAEL plans to follow is marine aquaristics. The innovative REEFMAX set designed for setting up a small marine aquarium introduced to the market 18 months ago already has a large fan group and one can read about numerous advantages of the set on many aquarium forums. NANO REEF used for setting up of really small marine aquariums are another one of most recent novelties. Even though they are present on the market for as little as a few months they already are a commercial success and most probably – next to SHRIMPSET sets for shrimps – they will be one of the flagship products of the company.

In the future, AQAUEL intends to enlarge its offer directed to the most popular fields of aquaristics nowadays, such as the already mentioned marine aquaristic or the more and more noticeable global trend to set up so called nanoaquaria, that is very small aquarium tanks. The big potential is also hidden in the products dedicated for terrarium hobbyists and possibly also in this field we will see a fast development of the new products.

Particularly strong emphasis is placed on introducing new technologies and unusual technological solutions leaving the competitors not one but at least two steps behind. The tangible proof that AQUAEL puts those strategies into practice, is the market presence of significant amount of fakes of the company products (certainly with the much poorer quality) that shows that even the competitors acknowledge their innovatory. For years AQUAEL contributes to the promotion and development of Polish aquaristics by organising and sponsoring of many aquaristic events and happenings. The company’s original project is PRIMUS INTER PARES - the Great Aquaristic Contest organised for the first time last year. The applications for this year’s edition have been sent already from the beginning of March. In 2009, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of AQUAEL, the Warsaw Zoo held the Great Jubilee Aquaristic Exhibition where over 100 aquarium tanks were presented (that was, most likely, the biggest event of such a kind in Poland organized within the last 25 years). The company sponsors also many aquaristic exhibitions, meetings of aquaristics hobbyists, rallies and others, cooperating with many aquaristic organizations and associations. It also supports public institutions such as zoological gardens.AQUAEL products are available in almost every pet shop in Poland. The company distributes directly to the Store Clients but also cooperates with the chains of the best wholesalers all over the country. The efficiency of product distribution processes is supervised by the experienced commercial department and reliable sales representatives. The AQUAEL products reach their final customers (aquarists) also via the fast developing chain of the company pet shops AQUAEL ZOO (18 sites in 15 big Polish cities). AQUAEL products are available in over 100 countries worldwide, on 6 continents. Every year new markets are reached and the list of export partners is successively extended. Nowadays, the heaters or filters with AQUAEL logo can be purchased in such exotic places as Mauritius, Reunion or Haiti.

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