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    Reducing T pieces are used for the connection of bypass filters like the Nitratreductor and the Calcium Reactor.
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    The New Aqua Medic outlet strainers are manufactured out of cast ABS plastic.They have slits to prevent coarse detritus passing through. Available from us in the following sizes:• 20mm• 25mm• 32mm• 40mm  
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    A cultivation unit for hatching larger quantities of artemia cysts. The unit can be installed inside or outside of the aquarium if positioned in a warm environment. The hatch time depends on the ambient temperature. Capacity app. 2,000,000 cysts per hatch. After about 2 weeks, the animals are fully grown and can be used as feed.
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    Sulphur Pearls Filter medium for Sulphur denitrification reactors are formed from pure sulphur. and they are used in sulphur nitrate reactors as the filter medium and energy source for the bacteria.
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    The injection of ozone into the water can improve the efficiency of protein skimming and raise the ORP (redox potential). The decomposition of toxic nitrite is enhanced whilst the bacteria count in the water decreases, minimising the risk of ill health in the animals. The compounds that produce yellow colouring in the aquarium are broken down and the...
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    The plankton light reactor is a simple system for producing plankton in a natural food chain. Within the plankton light reactor, micro-algae are produced with light, fertiliser and CO2. The micro-algae can be fed directly to many filter-feeding invertebrates, and especially to zooplankton.
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    Aqua Medic Hydrocarbonate is a pure calcium carbonate for use in calcium reactors, and may be used in filters to increase the hardness of water, and as a substrate material in marine or Malawi/Tanganyika aquarium.
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