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Dohse stands for a reliable and innovative partner with a wide range of useful products in the fields of fishkeeping and reptilekeeping. Dohse also stands for innovation and tradition, but also for quick reactions, beneficial product ranges and specia

History of Dohse Aquaristik GmbH & Co. KG

What does "Dohse" stand for? 
Dohse stands for a reliable and innovative partner with a wide range of useful products in the fields of fishkeeping and reptilekeeping. Dohse also stands for innovation and tradition, but also for quick reactions, beneficial product ranges and specialised products such as primeval artemia crayfish.
What makes Dohse so Special? 
We have many products a hobby aquarium-keeper needs. And we don't concentrate exclusively on big sellers and quick turnover articles but also provide specialised articles to consumers and retailers. Dohse is a family-run business in its third generation. Dohse not only has tradition, it has also written aquarium-keeping history and can rely on a total of 110 years of experience. 

The Evolution and History of "Dohse" and its USP 
Dohse Aquaristik evolved from the hobby of its founder Hans Dohse and flourished to become a modern enterprise with 33 employees and a range of about 900 products. The founder developed the first food flakes in the industry and a number of medications, and he was the first to make artemia breeding possible. This was of great interest not only for his own company, but for the entire+ industry, as it enabled aquarium keepers to produce their own live food for their breeding projects. After many further inventions and a growing range of products Dohse's son-in-law Viktor Pinders joined the management of Dohse Aquaristik, enabling Hans Dohse to devote most of his time and energy to his creative, inventive activities. After some ground-breaking innovations (e.g. Sanoplant, the first CO2 fertilizer in tablet form and the Aqualit soil foundation), the move to a new location in the near-by quarter of Bonn-Lengsdorf had become inevitable. The company remained there for almost 30 years until another move to accomodate the continuous expansion became necessary. 1996 the present CEO Axel Pinders joined the company following his studies and a stay abroad. The product range was subsequently further expanded. In 1998 the company headquarters were moved to Gelsdorf County in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhine Palatinate). There a new building on a 10,000 square metre plot accomodated offices, production facilities and warehouse. Since then the plot has been enlarged twice and two further halls have been built and put into service. Today we have 3,500 square metres of warehouse area where 900 different finished products and 3,500 different individual components are stored. To accomodate a multitude of new products, a further 1,000 square metre hall will be inaugurated the beginning of 2008. 

Since 1998 the product range has been continuously enlarged by the terrarium selection. This range is still being expanded continuously. Currently, it comprises about 200 products firmly established in retail outlets and on the terrarium hobby scene. The selection has everything you need to provide an appropriate environment for reptiles. 

In the year 2004 Dohse Aquaristik acquired DUPLA, the former market leader in the aquarium plant care sector. The Dupla product range was bowdlerised and augmented with appropriate products. This brand features a high-class range of products and thus excellently fits into Dohse Aquaristik's portfolio. In 2007 a range of seawater products was developed under the DUPLA brand. It will be completely presented at the Interzoo 2008. 

For two years the company's corporate identity is being modernised. The products have been fit with new up-to-date packagings; with many attractive photographs on the packages we have achieved a better acceptance with retailers and consumers.

What is Special about Dohse Aquaristik?

  • We are a competent partner in the fields of aquarium and terrarium technology

  • We have products everyone needs and nothing nobody needs.

  • We are innovative

  • We make quick decisions

  • We are flexible

  • We have a good sales staff

  • We keep our word

  • Our company has been run by the family for 58 years and sports a total of 110 years of experience


What does Dohse stand for in the Future?

  • Innovation

  • a consistent range of products that make sense

  • reliability

  • success

  • flexibility paired with continuity

  • competence

  • modernity

  • focus on customers


What are our Internal Targets?

  • We want employees who use their heads. Our way of working together shall be respectful, friendly and honest

  • The employees shall be sufficiently informed about the duties of their colleagues that they can step into their place without problems

  • Our contact with customers shall be sincere and friendly

  • The customer shall get the feeling that she is in the focus of attention

  • The workflows must be checked for functionality, economy and safety

  • We want our products to be desired

  • Significant increase in productivity by the use of modern technology.

  • A high employee motivation plus a strong identification with the company


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