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About Reef-Eden International.

Our Policy:
To research, develop, acquire and supply  an increasing range of unique, cutting edge and desirable products to the aquatics trade, and ultimately to the home hobbyist.  We are constantly looking to research and solve both old and new issues of husbandry or technology, and take on  new ideas and developments from other companies within the hobby. If you are a hobbyist looking for products developed and/or distributed by a company that has you as its driving force, or you are a company looking to take on or distribute new products, then look no further. Reef-Eden International is the company for you.

Our rule of Duty:
Reef-Eden International follows strict rules of duty with regards to customer service and expectation. be that in direct business dealings, or customer service after the point of sale. our commitment doesn't just end after shipping. From warehouse via authorised distributors and dealers to  the hobbyist, our rule of duty ensures 100% commitment to both the product and our customer regardless of which link in the chain they represent.

Our commitment to the hobby:
Reef-Eden International follows its own self imposed guidelines with regards to the supply of products, thereby protecting not only the end user, but also the hobby and supporting industry. Reef-Eden International will only supply to  businesses operating within the boundaries of what is termed either Distributor/wholesaler or high street full time Retail Store. This  ensures that the hobbyist can obtain first hand  advice, support, and  in-depth product knowledge.

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