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When it says Deltec on a filter, a skimmer or another product, then you can be certain that you are purchasing the quality you are expecting.

Deltec has been developing and manufacturing products for aquarium hobbyists for more than 25 years - always according to theprinciple that even the best is worthy of further improvement. This philosophy is the reason for the outstanding quality of Deltec’s products. Many patents alsoillustrate the innovative power of our company. We never tire of continuously introducing new ideas and products tothe marketplace. In doing so, we have always paid particular attention to the energy efficiency and durability of our products - as our commitment to our customers and to the environment.

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    Deltec NFP509(P) Nitrate Filter with Pump New Model Deltec NFP Nitrate Filters are a simple and efficient way of reducing the nitrate level in your aquarium.The NFP509(P) is suitable for saltwater and freshwater aquariums between 200 and 1000 litres - 50 to 250 US gallons.This version is supplied with a special dosing pump which makes daily feeding of...
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    The Deltec MCE600 is the ultimate hang on skimmer now suitable for aquariums up to 875Ltrs (192 gallons) The MCE600 is now fitted with a full size pinwheel and generates 400 lts of air at the pump like the TS1250. Its design gives it the flexibility to hang on almost any brand of aquarium or for it to be used inside or hanging on the outside of a sump.
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