25 litre Complete S/SS type Rotifer Culture Kit, including starter culture and feed.


Complete rotifer culture kit including feed and starter culture.

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Complete rotifer culture kit including feed and starter culture.

This culture kit comes with the following:

  • Bucket 25 litre
  • Air Pump M-103
  • Air Control Valve
  • Rigid Air Line
  • Silicone Hose
  • Non Return Valve
  • Air Stone
  • Rotifer Sieve
  • Rotifer Culture 200ml S/SS type Rotifer (Brachionus rotundiformis)
  • Rotifer Feed 50ml (RGcomplete)

Starting your culture

  1. Half fill the culture bucket and put the rotifer starter culture bottle in to the culture water to allow it to slowly warm up 
  2. Wait 15 minutes then open the bottle and add the rotifer starter culture 
  3. Add enough RGcomplete to tint the water light green.
  4. Add microalgae daily but wait at least 3 days before starting to harvest them if it is desired to build up the population as rapidly as possible 


  • Add enough RGcomplete to maintain a light green colour between feedings. Typically this will be 11 ml daily per million rotifers for maximum production, less if you need fewer rotifers.
  • Harvest at least 20-30% of your culture each day (more is better!)

Harvesting Your Rotifers to feed a Reef Tank

  1. Before harvesting your rotifers stir the culture vigorously for 10 seconds. This will lift the detritus from the bottom, keeping the culture clean and running continuously for many months. This will not damage the rotifers at all. 
  2. Harvest 20-30% (more is better!) of your rotifer culture. This can be done by scooping with a jar, or pouring the culture out of your bucket. 
  3. Turn off your skimmer but leave your pumps running (many people put their skimmers on vacation timers so they turn on again automatically). 
  4. Pour your rotifers directly into your reef tank. The water become cloudy momentarily until the detritus settles to the bottom. 
  5. Remove an equal amount of water from your reef tank. Pour it through a coffee filter back into your rotifer tank to replenish the water. 

Harvesting Your Rotifers to feed Fish Larvae

  1. Turn off your airstone for 2-3 minutes. This will allow the detritus to settle and the rotifers will swim to the top (they swim toward light)
  2. Harvest as many rotifers as you need by gently scooping them off the top of your tank
  3. If you have a reef tank follow the instructions above
  4. If you don't have a reef tank you will periodically need to clean your culture tank to prevent the detritus levels from building up and generating ammonia. Use a modified version of the Reef Tank directions and either use or dispose of the rotifers

Vacation Mode

Since rotifers need to be maintained/harvested every day, it can be a problem if you go out town for several days.  Fortunately there is an easy way to put your rotifers in "vacation mode" (hibernation):

  • Pour  a liter or so of your culture into a 1 liter container. Cover loosely to allow oxygen to enter.
  • Add a bit of extra algae to darken the culture
  • Put the liter container into your refrigerator
  • After 7 days 50% of your rotifers should be alive
  • After 14 days 15% of your rotifers should be alive
  • Restart your culture using the directions above


  • Rotifers do not need any light. They are phototrophic (attracted to light) but do not require it. 
  • Do NOT let the rotifers ever run out of food.  The survivors will take up to 24 hours to recover and start producing again
  • The rotifers are shipped to you at a salinity of 30 ppt. They can be gradually acclimated to range from 4 ppt to 45 ppt
  • Rotifers will grow best at 1/2- 2/3 standard seawater salinity. However they grow fairly well at full salinity, and it is easiest to just use water from your existing system. 
  • Rotifers won't care if you use new water or water from your reef system.  If you use water from your reef, pour it through a filter first to remove any zooplankton.  A coffee filter is a very inexpensive filter that works well. 
  • Air must be bubbled through the culture.  Rotifers have a very high metabolism and can quickly deplete the oxygen in the water.  If excess foam accumulates on the water surface, reduce the airflow 
  • Rotifers will do best in a pH range from 7.0 to 8.0. 
  • It's difficult to measure your rotifer densities without a microscope, so it might take 2-3 weeks before you find, by experimentation, an equilibrium in your system for how much algae to feed and how many liters of rotifers to remove each day without affecting your culture densities.

Please note: These live feeds and cultures are shipped Monday to Thursday only. Please make sure you are available to receive your order, as we cannot be held responsible for DOA claims if the parcel is returned to the shippers depot awaiting redelivery.

Please note: As this kit contains live cultures please contact us if you are outside the UK for shipping prices. We will ship from Monday too Wednesday only.

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25 litre Complete S/SS type Rotifer Culture Kit, including starter culture and feed.

25 litre Complete S/SS type Rotifer Culture Kit, including starter culture and feed.

Complete rotifer culture kit including feed and starter culture.

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