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Terms and Conditions of Trading

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Orders, Shipping, Payment, Returns.

Welcome to our website. If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern MBPs relationship with you in relation to this website. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our website. Privacy, Copyright, Disclaimer and Website Use policies can be found by clicking on the Copyright button at the bottom of the website pages.

The term ‘Marines by Post’, ‘MBP’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website.

Prior to making a purchase

Please consider the suitability of your tank for seahorses prior to making a purchase. Care notes for our seahorses are available on our website. Please read these and consider the care these animals and their environments require.

Marines by Post are committed to providing safe delivery, transit of animals and a professional service to the public. As such we conform to the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) Code of Conduct, Welfare of Animals during (Transport) Order 2006, IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR) standards where applicable. We hold the relevant licenses to allow MBP to undertake legal transportation of animals and a current Pet Shop License.

1. Placing an Order

The customer shall order goods from Marines by Post (MBP) via their website  –www.seahorsebreeder.co.uk or by direct contact with MBP.

The order must specify:

The date and placement of order;

The goods ordered, type (species), number along with any identifying reference number/s from the website;

2. Acceptance of Orders

2.1 MBP will reserve the right to decline any order received from the Customer by e-mail or other contact.

2.2 Customers shall receive an Order Confirmation from MBP with an Order reference number, to be quoted in all correspondence.

3. Cancellation of Orders

3.1 Customer

If an order of goods is cancelled or postponed by request of the customer, MBP reserve the right to charge a cancellation or postponement fee for all direct or indirect losses or expenses incurred by MBP prior to the cancellation or postponement of said order, including without limitation:

a) Any costs and expenses incurred by MBP in processing the order up to and including the date that MBP receive the customer’s cancellation or postponement request.

b) Any moneys paid or payable to MBP by third parties for goods or services ordered and/or received from third parties in respect of and for the purpose of fulfilling the customer order;

c) Any cancellations or penalty fees incurred by MBP and made by third parties in respect of the cancellation or postponement of an order by MBP on behalf a customer;

d) Any claims for expenses and losses incurred by third parties in direct response to cancelled/postponed orders by MBP as a consequence of a customers order cancellation.

3.2 Marines by Post

a) MBP reserve the right to be entitled to refuse, suspend, or cancel any order for goods, without liability to either party.

b) In the event that a delivery is frustrated or delayed in any way, due to the occurrence of strikes, riots, natural disasters, trade disputes, government impositions, miss-handling by suppliers and or couriers this is deemed as circumstances beyond the responsibility and control of MBP and in no way will MBP be held accountable for any damage or loss incurred by/to the customer’s order.

4.  Packaging

All orders are packaged in accordance with Welfare of Animals during (Transport) Order 2006 (WIT) and IATA (LAR) standards where/if applicable.  The cost of packaging materials used in relation to the packaged goods, as per WIT shall be at the customer’s expense and form part/be included in an overall invoice for the order.

5. Delivery

5.1 Local Delivery

Orders deemed to be local can at the discretion of MBP be delivered legally by staff.  The payment of the order, delivery address and delivery date are to be organized with MBP.

5.2 National Delivery

MBP will arrange delivery to the customer’s address by MBP’s carrier. All national orders are to be sent by Overnight Next Day Delivery by 9am. The Customer must confirm to MBP their attendance at the delivery address on delivery date to accept the delivery on the first attempt.

5.3 European Delivery

Orders for Europe will be arranged directly with MBP.

6. Delivery Charges

6.1 National Delivery

Delivery Charges are calculated according to weight. So, although a seahorse in itself does not weigh much, the required water amount per seahorse and subsequent packaging do.

7.  Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG)

We guarantee live arrival on all our seahorses. Once the packaged order leaves our facility they are deemed to be ‘on Delivery’. We have no control over our livestock once they leave our facility and are ‘on Delivery’, and therefore will not accept responsibility beyond our LAG.

To qualify for LAG you must:

a)Accept and sign for delivery on the first delivery attempt.

b)Acclimatise according to acclimation instructions, tank specifications and parameters.

c)Contact us within 1 hour of delivery of DOA (dead on arrival)

d)If a loss occurs, the specimen must be returned to us.

If the above conditions are met, we will either ship you a replacement at our discretion of the same species and of a similar size or offer a refund.

7.1 DOA (Dead on arrival)

The customer must notify MBP of a DOA within I hour of the delivery arrival to qualify for the LAG replacement (Live Arrival Guarantee Replacement). Please e-mail a photo to MBP of the DOA and the packaging it arrived in.  A DOA means ‘on arrival’ of opening of package, and does not cover animals which were left un-acclimatised, are acclimatised incorrectly, badly handled, dropped, sucked into pumps and overflows immediately after arrival.

7.2 Missing

The customer must notify MBP with 1 hour of expected delivery time of the goods of any missing package/s or of damaged packages with goods that were not in the packages at the time of opening at delivery. In this unlikely event notify MBP via e-mail of this with accompanying photos of the package.

7.3 Damage in Transit

In the unlikely event of a loss or damage in transit, this will result in a claim to recover the cost of the goods carried and postage paid. Damage packaging must be marked as received as such for the carrier on arrival and photographs taken.

7.4 Acclimation

The seahorse must be acclimatised according to the instructions, failure to do so may cause stress to the animal and subsequent problems.  It is the responsibility of the customer to acclimatise the seahorse correctly and ensure that the aquarium parameters are within the appropriate ranges for the species.

8. Payment and Invoicing

On completion of an order, an invoice will be issued.  Payment of an order from the website will be in full prior to Delivery, and as per invoice. Payments for website orders can made via Paypal.

9.  Pricing

The price of goods shall be the price published on MBP’s website – www.seahorsebreeder.co.uk unless otherwise agreed in writing (Invoice) by the parties.

10.  MBP Captive-bred Certificate

An MBP Certificate of UK captive breeding will be issued with the package at Delivery. The certificate will detail the Species, number of animals, and approximate birth date of the animals ordered with a guarantee that the animals were captive-bred by MBP and at their facility.

11. Courier

MBP orders are to be delivered by our courier. Our courier has all the relevant licenses to legally perform our deliveries.

All MBP orders are to be sent by Overnight Next Day Delivery by 9am.  This ensures the minimum time in transit and least possible stress to the animals.